Episode 54

Published on:

17th Jun 2022

54 Reclaiming Pentecostalism

What does it mean to be pentecostal?

That's what we're discussing with Will Ceasar, youth pastor at Dothan First Assembly of God in Dothan Alabama. Will is an exceptional leader and thinker who's passionate about discipleship and equipping the church.

To be pentecostal means to be a people eindwelt and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God. The gifts of God are given to us, not for ourselves, but in order for us to be God's representatives and blessing to the world around us.


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Welcome to the Table
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How do you faithfully follow Jesus in this cultural moment?

It's a question many Christians are asking as what it means to be a Christian gets more and more confused. We want to help.

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Each episode revolves around Pastors Sean Silverii, and Khalil Burton discussing critical topics and interviewing qualified guests to bring new perspectives and insights into some of the most important topics for life of faith.

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Khalil is the Pastor of Students at Hope Church (Albany, OR), Executive Producer & Co-host of the Welcome to the Table Podcast. Khalil studies Global Leadership at Western Seminary and holds his BA in Business Management and Ministry Leadership. His desire is to help people grow as followers of Jesus through gospel fluency and spiritual disciplines as a means of experiencing Christlikeness and personal transformation.

Sean Silverii

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Sean is the District Youth Director of the Oregon Ministry Network for Assemblies of God churches of Oregon. Executive Producer & Co-host of the Welcome to the Table Podcast. Sean holds his Ph.D in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary. Sean's desire is to help spark meaningful conversations that help people grow as apprentices of Jesus.

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Colin produces the Welcome to the Table Podcast ensuring every episode is mixed with the show's signature sound and quality so that listeners can experience meaningful conversations about following Jesus around the table.